Solvitur Ambulando: "It is solved by walking"

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I am available for 30 minute to 2 hour


 I cover why I hike and how I

got into hiking. I share tips and tricks and

things I've learned the easy and the hard way.

Visit this link to one of my presentations at the 

Pittsfield Branch Library called:

"Long Distance Hiking: Tales from the Trail."


 I cover my trips on the Appalachian Trail, the

Pacific Crest Trail, the Ironwood Trail, The Continental Divide Trail and

my future plans for continued long distance hiking to expand

my Triple Crown.

 I can speak to an audience of any size.


I gave a presentation about hiking to Girl Scouts Daisy Troop 40676 and 

Brownie Troop 40499. They asked lots of questions....All at once! 

My first hiking experience was with the Scouts.

Hopefully I inspired some of them to try it.




Please call or email me at: